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Dear Friend,

I recently heard an amazing testimony from a Jewish man who is a major executive in the world of sports. For years he had been wanting to tell me that the turning point in his life came when he heard me debate an Orthodox Jewish rabbi in New York City, as a result of which he became a follower of Jesus.

Can you imagine the impact we could have if we brought debates like this, along with first-class lectures, into the homes of tens of millions of Americans on TV?

The great news is that Lord has opened an amazing door for our ministry to launch a brand new TV show called "Answering Your Toughest Questions" - and it will start with a 32-week series on "Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus." Nothing like this has ever been done before on national television, and through our partnership with NRB TV, we will be able to reach tens of millions of Americans every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM.

After I debated Prof. Bart Ehrman at Ohio State University in 2010 on the problem of suffering, a couple came up to me and said, "If only you had been here when our daughter studied at the university. Just hearing this talk would have saved her faith!"

Well, I would love to be on every campus in America, but now, on a major cable TV network, I'll be able to tackle the toughest questions asked by believers and non-believers, even featuring some of the best debates I've participated in - and I'll be able to talk to young people and old people in the privacy of their home or online or even on their cell phones. What a great opportunity for the gospel!

Recently, a Jewish man from Toronto called my radio broadcast to inform me that his 97-year-old mother who could never believe in Yeshua as Messiah recently came to faith after reading my book The Real Kosher Jesus. "This is the validation I needed," she said. Now, we'll be bringing some of the very best material from that book into millions of homes in high-quality TV programs.

Programs on NRB TV are included in the basic package of DirecTV and Sky Angel and are available through many more outlets - in other words, we can touch a lot of people! - but we need your help to do this, and every gift of $25 or $50 or $500 or $1,000 or more will enable us to answer the toughest questions and tackle the toughest objections for millions and millions of potential viewers.

Please consider making a one-time gift to help with our start-up costs or, better still, become a monthly Torchbearer, supporting our work with a monthly gift of at least $25. As a Torchbearer, you will receive a new audio message every month, along with free access to our online ministry school classes and a 15% discount in our online bookstore.

Thanks so much for helping us bring "Answering Your Toughest Questions" into millions of American homes!

In Him,
Michael L. Brown, Ph.D.
President, AskDrBrown Ministries

P. S. Because of our partnership with NRB TV, this will be one of the most cost-effective ministry outreaches we have ever done - so your gift will be instantly multiplied and will help us touch many lives.